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Heq 6

I have a decade old eq6 and wonder just how good is the latest heq6 these days...if you wanted something better than the latest heq6 what would you get and why.
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Apart from the newest generation having belts out of the box (you don’t need to install the belts yourself), I wouldn’t think there is much difference. The hand controller has changed over the years and lately some of the plugs are different but the guts of the mounts are largely unchanged.
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Hi Alex,
I have absolutely no experience with the EQ6 series of mounts only my existing HEQ5 Pro which Iím extremely happy with ( the only criticism would be to get rid of those stupid metal tab altitude bolts and replace with knobs, surely it would only add a few bucks to the overall cost.Other than that itís a great mount for only $1200 or so

I have been researching the latest NEQ6R mount for the past 6 months on other forums, talking to the guys at Bintel etc... as Iím buying a second bigger rig early next year to leave down the coast at my dark site, the 6Ē newt and HEQ5 will be used only in Sydney. I havenít heard a bad report for this mount and for the money I believe it is excellent value for around $2100

I think the NEQ6R will be a great upgrade for me and probably satisfy my Astro requirements for years to come

Skywatcher ( brand ) are trying their best to keep up with the other big names across the globe are slowly gaining market share especially in North America. I was in Canada and the US last month and saw quite a lot of exposure, ads on tv, Astro shops, a large display booth at NEAF etc etc.... and saw an EQ8 set up in the planetarium area in Vancouver

Anyway my 2 cents worth
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Is there much benefit to go for sat a Losmandy mount at $3k or $4k.
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I have an EQ6-R Pro (belt drive out of the box). I have no experience with anything else and so nothing to compare it with but I am very happy with it. It was more than I thought I wanted to buy (I was looking at EQ5) but I'm very glad I have it. It's very sturdy but comes with a handle on the mount so although heavy it's not too difficult to transport and it seems to track very well.
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I have an EQ6 that must be over 10 years old. I got it second hand about 7 years ago. I stripped, cleaned and relubed it and it does the job for me.
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