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ASI1600MM Attachment to QHY CFW2-S

I had a PM question about this so I thought others might need to see this as well. I am posting the photos here so people thinking of the camera and wheel combination can see how I connected them.

The QHY wheel i use is the CFW2-S, which is a 5 position 36mm wheel with the usb connector. I know there are different QHY wheels but that is the one i have. If that matches yours then what i say next is accurate,
My ASI1600 connects directly to the filter wheel via the M42 thread on both devices. My wheel came with some sort of adaptor on it, i removed the adaptor so that only the case threads are used on both sides. On the camera, i removed the black male to female M42 converter, this exposes the short male M42 thread on the camera sensor cover case. This then allows the camera to screw directly onto the back of the filter wheel. The front of the filter wheel, which is the removable plate held in place with the seven silver screws, that plate accepts the T-Adaptor that goes into the scope, or connects to your reducer/corrector or flattener. The photo shows the TS Flattener connected with the correct spacing.
The spacing from the outside (scope side) of the wheel case back to the sensor of the camera is exactly 22.5mm, which consists of the 6.5mm camera sensor spacing from the front of the camera metal housing to the sensor plus the 16mm thickness of the CFW2-S. I hope that makes sense. Photos are attached.

BTW, when determining the spacer distance required for my TS Photoline 3" reducer/corrector, or for my TS Flattener, i allowed an additional 1mm of spacing to allow for the optical affect of the ASI1600 AR Window glass and my 2mm Baader filter in the light path ( ala the 1/3 Rule).
Hope that helps.
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