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Losmandy RAEXK

Hi to you all.
Great weather, never mind.
Have any of my fellow Losmandy G11 owners considered the RAEXK, the RA extension. It is listed at $US295, on the Losmandy site, not inexpensive. But I would think it makes lugging the mount around much easier and more importantly gives much needed clearance at the meridian. I have posted here as it is a pain having to keep a close eye on things when imaging before and past the meridian.
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Hi there Greg yep I have the one from Teleskop express it is a one piece job instead of 2 pieces but my scope is permanently mounted if you set up each night this will be a welcome piece of kit and there are no worries about the motors crashing into the mount at the meridian well worth the money I would give bintel a call and see if they can get them as I have ordered a lot of losmandy gear threw them it works out cheaper because they get better shipping rates
cheers Pete
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I find that the G11 without the RAEXK is way more difficult to lug around than the AP900 as it breaks down so quickly and easily. The RAEXK is required if you are doing two things. The first is moving your mount. It is fairly awkward to move, and that crazy way they have fixed the motors is a disaster waiting to happen if you slip. The motors are sticking out like stalks, just waiting to be damaged. I canít believe that after so many years they havenít addressed this. And the second reason, you canít point your scope where the best part of the sky is, straight up. Itís those crazy motors again, something you have to watch.

Itís definitely something worth considering, and does make the mount much better. You can easily break it down, and pack it up and go mobile, and you can track through the meridian as well. Nice addition.
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