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IR Block Filter for ASI183 MC Pro

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone use an IR block filter for the ASI183 MC Pro? I have read that blocking IR reduces star bloat. Is this correct?

Am I wasting money thinking of getting this filter? The Astronomik IR Block filter appears to pass H-Alpha OK according to the spectrum plot and cut out transmission above 680nm.


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You'd probably be better off getting a UV/IR block than a straight IR block. With most of these OSC cameras you do need to use some kind of luminance filter (UV/IR block) unless you have a very well corrected telescope into both UV and IR. Especially with a very small pixel camera with a high QE.
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Iím using an Esprit 100. Do any other Esprit users on this forum use IR and UV blocking or is it felt that the Esprit converges these wavelengths adequately?


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All refractors irrespective of make, model or type benefit from a UV/IR block filter before the camera sensor, as do guide cameras.

I order my UV/IR block filters from SVBonyin China for about $19 each - no need for Astronomiks etc. The most I paid was $115 for a Marumi 77mm UV/IR to use on a Takahashi.
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Like Solar

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Interesting thread thanks Chris! Got me wondering. I have a ZWO ir/uv cut filter ($39 at Bintel) that came with the 224mc I bought here. The ZWO site notes that with Solar work this filter will protect the Ha filter from ir? As there are multiple uv/ir filters in the Lunt before the camera, what advantage, if any (i.e. sharper images) is there in using the ZWO filter with a Lunt 60mm refractor and the 224MC or say
the ZWO120MM / 174MM mono camera?

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