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Observing Report 11/3/11 – 7/4/11 Part 1

Observing Report 11/3/11 – 7/4/11

All observations made using Dobsonion mounted 305mm Newtonian reflector at f/5. Eyepieces use are 34mm Meade 4000(44x) 24mm Panoptic (67x) 13mm Nagler T6 (115x) or 13mm Nagler with Barlow (230x)

Charts - Uranometria 2000 (2nd ed.) Data derived from Uranometria (2nd ed) Deep Sky Field Guide (DSFG) with additional data from The Night Sky Observers Guide (NSOG) .

Observations for 11/3/11

NGC 3377 Galaxy in Leo
RA 10 47 42.4 Dec +13 59 09 Mag(V) 10.4 Dim’ 5.0 x 3.0 SB 13.3 Type E5-6 Elliptical with some flattening

Lies just to SF of 52 Leonis and a mag 9 star lies to Nf. Small but clearly visible as a galaxy at 67x. Near stellar core. Some hint of halo at 115x. Runs Sp to Nf.

Post observation comments. NSOG notes that this galaxy is part of the M96 group which is about 31 million light years distant. This consist of M95, M96 and M105 and at least 5 other galaxies. NGC 3377 is the second brightest non Messier member with NGC 3384 being mag 9.9 according to the NSOG. Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3377&r=10:47.7&d =+13:59&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one also shows faint companion NGC 3377A which is listed as mag 13.6 in the DSFG.

NGC 3593 Galaxy in Leo
RA 11 14 36.5 Dec +12 49 00 Mag(V) 10.9 Dim’ 5.2 x 1.9 SB 13.3 Type SA(s)0/a S shaped non barred lenticular

From Chertan (Theta Leonis) move S to line of 3 stars 2deg away. Leo Triplet lies to f. Galaxy is located 25’ to p of middle star. Appears as a very faint glowing smudge in averted vision. Mag 9 star lies toi S about 15’ away. Not much to report no detail discerned.

Post observation comments. Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3593&r=11:14.6&d =+12:49&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one indicates a dark lane. NSOG notes this is visible in scopes 16/18” with averted vision.

Unfortunately only about 1 hour of observing was possible before cloud intervened

Observations for 31/3/11

NGC 3377 Galaxy in Leo
RA 10 47 42.4 Dec +13 59 09 Mag(V) 10.4 Dim’ 5.0 x 3.0 SB 13.3 Type E5-6 Elliptical with some flattening

Galaxy again observed as a follow up to 11/3. Seeing conditions certainly better, core appeared brighter.

NGC 3379 (M105) NGC 3384 and NGC 3389 Galaxies in Leo
NGC 3379 RA 10 47 49.8 Dec +12 34 55 Mag(V) 9.3 Dim’ 5.4 x 4.8 SB 12.8 Type E1 Elliptical
NGC 3384 RA 10 48 16.9 Dec +12 37 44 Mag(V) 9.9 Dim’ 5.5 x 2.5 SB 12.6 Type SB(s)0- Unbarred early Lenticular, s shaped
NGC 3389 RA 10 47 29.0 Dec +12 31 51 Mag(V) 11.9 Dim’ 2.8 x 1.3 SB 13.2 Type SA(s)c II-III Unbarred s shaped spiral.

A mag 6.5 star lies 1.5deg to S of 52 Leonis. Group is just to f of this NGC 3379 (M105) is main bright object. NGC 3384 is a bright lenticular object just to f (approx 10’ away) core is very obvious, extended halo is hard to see. NGC 3389 is a loosely wound spiral much smaller and fainter than others. Needed 115x and averted vision to locate as a small diffuse glow.

Post observation notes. Previously observed this group on 12/3/10 with similar results. Images can be seen here
NGC 3379 http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3379!=!M105&r=10 :47.8&d=+12:35&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f= GIF&c=none
NGC 3384 http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3384&r=10:48.3&d =+12:38&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one
NGC 3389 http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3389&r=10:48.5&d =+12:32&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one
According to SEDS at http://www.seds.org/messier/m/m105.html NGC 3389 is probably a background objects and not part of the same cluster (Leo 1 or M96 group) as the other 2 as it appears to be receding much faster.

NGC 3412 Galaxy in Leo
RA 10 50 53.5 Dec +13 24 42 Mag(V) 10.5 Dim’ 3.6 x 2.0 SB 12.6 Type SB(s)00 S shaped barred intermediate lenticular

A pair of mag 7.5 and 8.5 stars lie 1deg to f and 30’ S of 52 Leonis. Galaxy is a prominent glow which lies 15’ o S. Bright core with diffuse envelope and slightly elongated. Small but an interesting object.

Post observation notes. NSOG notes this as one of the fainter members of the M96 group. It also notes a bright core and halo but DSS image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3412&r=10:50.9&d =+13:25&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one certainly doesn’t.

NGC 3640 Galaxy in Leo
RA 11 21 06.7 Dec +03 14 06 Mag(V) 10.4 Dim’ 4.0 x 3.2 SB 13.2 Type E3 Elliptical

Locate Sigma Leonis by naked eye. A circlet of 4 stars lies 2deg to Sf. Target lies just over 1deg to p of 2nd star from N end. Quite bright, nicely elongated with clear core and outer envelope.

Post observation notes. Galaxy has a faint (mag 13.2) companion NGC 3641, which was not seen. Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3640&r=11:21.1&d =+03:14&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one clearly shows companion. Charts seem to indicate a large number of galaxies in this area near Tau Leonis (the southernmost star of the circlet mentioned above) of which this is the brightest. NGC 3630 (see below) ,NGC 3664 and NGC 3611 all are in this area and should be visible in amateur instruments. There are also a large number of fainter targets.
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