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Tonight, about half an hour ago, with our 8" LightBridge and an University 6mm Ortho I spotted not only Io's shadow as she transited Jupiter but I was also able to see Io as a faint bright spot that tagged along behind the shadow.

Just to make sure my imagination was not kicking in I slipped in our Orion Stratus wide field 13mm and while the shadow was still there, bright as day so to speak, Io had disappeared.

Always something new to see, even with a bright moon and high thin cloud.

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Thats great Brian - always good to see those little shadows on Jupiters big body, then to see Io as well.
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It is indeed a wonderful thing to watch!
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I sure hope I catch one of Jupiter's moons transiting one day soon- would very much love to see it.
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SHadow transits are my favourite event, one lucky day I caught a double transit. Never actually seen the moon itself transiting Jupiter, excellent work there Brian!
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