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Observing Report 11/3/11 – 7/4/11 Part 2

NGC 3630 Galaxy in Leo
RA 11 20 17.0 Dec +02 57 49 Mag(V) 12.0 Dim’ 2.1 x 0.9 SB 12.6 Type S0 sp Spindle shaped lenticular

A mag 8 star lies 30’ to S of NGC 3640. Target is 10’ to Np of this. Quite faint, elongated, no structure.

Post observation notes. At mag 12, probably the fainter galaxy in this group that can be targeted under light polluted skies. Image is here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3630&r=11:20.3&d =+02:58&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=n one

NGC 3511 and NGC 3513 Galaxies in Crater
NGC 3511 RA 11 03 23.6 Dec +23 05 04 Mag(V) 11.0 Dim’ 5.8 x 2.0 SB 13.5 Type SA(s)c II-III Intermediate Unbarred Spiral S shaped
NGC 3513 RA 11 03 46.7 Dec +23 14 38 Mag(V) 11.5 Dim’ 2.8 x 2.2 SB 13.3 Type SB(rs)c II-III Intermediate Barred Spiral S shaped

From Beta Crateris, a mg 8 star lies just under 2deg to p. Both target are about 30’ to S and slightly p. Both are faint but quite large. Both noticeably elongated. NGC 3511 is brighter and larger. At 115x NGC 3513 shows up as larger and rounder in shape than at 67x.

Post observation notes. No detail was seen in NGC 3513 which is confirmed by this image http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3511&r=11:03.4&d =-23:05&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e
In NGC 3513, its wider profile due to be face on more became obvious at 115x. Darker skies may reveal arms as shown in this image
http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!3513&r=11:03.8&d =-23:15&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e

NGC 5824 Globular Cluster in Lupus
RA 15 03 58.5 Dec -33 04 04 Mag(V) 9.1Brightest Star V Mag 15.5 HB V Mag 18.5 Dim’ 7.4 Conc Class 1

Small and pleasing glob, dense non stellar core.
Also observed 25/4 more detailed notes appear below.

NGC 5643 Galaxy in Lupus
RA 14 32 40.7 Dec -44 10 29 Mag(V) 10.0 Dim’ 4.6 x 4.0 SB 13 Type SAB(rs)c III Spiral transition bw barred and unbarred, s shaped intermediate
Large diffuse galaxy, no core, maybe irregular?

Post observation notes. DSFG describes galaxy has having a bright core, which I didn’t see with superimposed stars which may have given rise to my note of irregularity. Sketch in NSOG doesn’t indicate a prominent core. Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!5643&r=14:32.7&d =-44:10&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e indicate that inner part of halo is quite bright so contrast of this area with core may not be noticeable visually.

Observations for 5/4/11

IC 4406 PN in Lupus
RA 14 22 26.5 Dec-44 09 05 Diam” 106 Mag(P) 10.6 Mag(V) 10.2 Mag Cent Star 17.4

Locate Iota Lupi by naked eye. A 1deg long isosceles triangle of bright stars lies just to N. Target lies just to f of 1 deg N of p star. Smallish, quite bright, some annularism. 2 very faint stars to Np. No central star detected.

Post observation notes. DSFG note mag 13.0 and 13.7 pair of stars 2’ to NP which matches my observation while NSOG notes only one star. The DSS image shows these 2 stars here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=IC!4406&r=14:22.4&d=-44:09&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e but they do not stand out as in the eyepiece.

NGC 5643 Galaxy in Lupus
RA 14 32 40.7 Dec -44 10 29 Mag(V) 10.0 Dim’ 4.6 x 4.0 SB 13 Type SAB(rs)c III Spiral transition bw barred and unbarred, s shaped intermediate

This object was observed again after being noted on 31/3. Notes this time around indicate surprisingly faint, roundish glow with little concentration.

NGC 5824 Globular Cluster in Lupus
RA 15 03 58.5 Dec -33 04 04 Mag(V) 9.1Brightest Star V Mag 15.5 HB V Mag 18.5 Dim’ 7.4 Conc Class 1

Also previously observed on 31/3. This time noted, small, bright, strong central concemtration. Outer stars just resolved.

Observations for 7/4/11

NGC 3293 Open Cluster in Carina “The Gem Cluster”
RA 10 35 49.0 Dec -58 13 30 Mag 4.7 Diam’ 5 No. of Stars 93 Mag Brightest Star 8.0 Type cl (Open Cluster)

Locate Eta Carinae by naked eye and then finder. A group of five bright star 1deg wide lies Np about 1.5deg away. Further on are two stars (s and r Carinae) 1.5deg apart running Sp to Nf. N star is r Carinae at 4.5 mag and S star is s Carinae at 4.0 mag. Cluster lies roughly half way and slightly to f of line between these two stars. Easily spotted in finder. Spectacular open cluster. Three very bright stars in line running roughly NS. S satr is very orange, middle star is blue and N star is silvery. About 40 to 50 other stars seen in clusterwith many fainter ones. Vague hints of nebulosity in field. Group of 4/5 stars just to p and 2 more stars further away in p. A lovely sight, equal to any other open cluster.

NGC 4936 Galaxy in Centaurus
RA 13 04 17.2 Dec -30 31 33 Mag(V) 10.7 Dim’ 2.7 x 2.3 SB 12.7 Type E0 Early stage elliptical

Very small and faint, nucleus only visible. Star on f edge. Clearly and elliptical from view provided.

Post observation notes. Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!4936&r=13:04.3&d =-30:32&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e confirms purely round elliptical on star on f edge. Companion galaxies in image not seen.

NGC 5253 Galaxy in Centaurus
RA 13 39 56.1 Dec -31 38 39 Mag(V) 10.4 Dim’ 5.0 x 1.9 SB 12.7 Type Pec Peculiar galaxy

Located 1.5deg to Sf of M83. Small and fairly faint. Shows up as elongated at 115x. Although noted as a peculiar galaxy, no structure seen.

Post observation notes. DSS image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!5253&r=13:39.9&d =-31:39&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e indicate nothing unusual about this galaxy. Images here however http://www.noao.edu/image_gallery/html/im1010.html indicate this is a pretty active little galaxy.

NGC 5102 Galaxy in Centaurus
RA 13 21 57.4 Dec -36 37 51 Mag(V) 9.6 Dim’ 8.7 x 2.8 SB 13.0 Type SA0- Unbarred lenticular.

Elongated glow about 15’ f of Iota Centauri. Poor tansparency is affecting view.

NGC 5286 Globular Cluster in Centaurus
RA 13 14 26.5 Dec -51 22 24 Mag(V) 7.4 Brightest Star V Mag 13.5 HB V Mag 16.5 Dim’ 11.0 Conc Class 5

Lies just to N of N Centauri. Large well defined and resolvable globular cluster. Gradually brightening, faint star on f side.

Post observation notes. Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!5286&r=13:46.4&d =-51:22&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e confirms observation, although noted star is more Sf than f and appears quite bright in image. Originally discovered by Dunlop as Dunlop 338 in 1826.

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Great pair of reports Malcolm. I'm always interested in reading other's visual impression of galaxies. I like it how you post images for each object, it's interesting to compare them to the visual description.

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Nice reports Malcolm and I second Sab's comment about having the pics to compare to the notes. If your skies are anything like mine have been of late you have done exceptionally well to even see galaxies - the nights around our way have been very murky - let alone produce such good obs.
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Thanks Sab and Paddy
Paddy the skies here have been rubbish lately, so the galaxies have been hard to find. However last night it made up for it will beautiful clear and steady conditions. Knokced over several Virgo cluster galaxies including much of Markarians Chain near M84/M86 will nearly getting down to mag 12.5! And thats looking towards some streetlights. Looking to the south it was even better, M4 was resolveable, Cent A was clear and the halo extended outside the dust lanes, everything was just stunning. Hope to have a full report in the next few days.

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Great report Malcolm,

Observing galaxies is so much fun,though it is sometimes hard to spot any detail at all.

Looking forward to your next report.

Cheers Orestis
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