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Canon Remote Controller

Hi All

Just out of interest i would like to share with you an interesting accessory that i just purchased for my Canon 5D.

It's the TC-80N3 Remote Controller.

This little unit is pretty cool, all you have to do is set how many images you want to take, set how long each exposure should be, and set how long you want between each exposure, and push the button and walk away.

For Example you could set 10 images, of 30sec's each, with a gap of
1 minute rest between each image.

It has a limit of up to 99 Houres, 59minutes, and 59 seconds.
As long as your tracking is pretty good, it performs spot on, every time.

No more standing with the control button in the hand counting down the seconds.
Thought you might be interested
Cheers leon
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A very handy device indeed leon.
I find it so much easier to use than setting up the laptop to control the camera.
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I also have one of these but mine has been modified for the 350D.

Handy tool but I prefer operating my exposures through my PC....I like the way DSLR focus talks to me...it's my personaly friend on a lonely night....lol
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