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I'm buying a canon 350 .Need advise

Hi folks
My observatory is up and running with power. I'm thinking of getting a canon 350 and start doing piggy back photography. Any suggestions on optional extras i shoud buy with the camera, ie cable so i can run it off mains power, what size memory card.

Please help


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G'day Carl, Great choice in camera mate.

I would be getting the cheaper remote switch RS-60E3, i think around the $30-50 price range, maybe even cheaper off ebay, depending on your budget maybe the more expensive timer remote.

The AC Adapter kit would also be a good investment, although, i can get a good nights imaging with four of the standard batteries, the memory card fills up way before the batteries die.

As for the memory card, i find the Extreme III 1 gig hard to beat for write speed and capacity.

The biggest expense will be the lenses you choose. I have the 10-22mm wide angle that cost $1000 when i bought it, nearly as much as the camera, but definately a worthy lens for wide field piggy back.

As i said, the lenses will be the biggest investment to get good quality wides.

I hope this helps, can't wait to see some of your images posted.

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Hi Carl

I would recommend using a mains adapter. I purchased the manufacturer’s mains adapter for my Pentax DSLR, as I understand that taking long exposures really drains the batteries. Usual safety requirements apply when using mains power outdoors on wet, dewy nights.

In terms of memory card, I use 1 Gig cards because they were at a good price point when I purchased them, and the Pentax could "address" them, but not the 2 Gig cards until the firmware upgrade came out later on. Check to make sure what the maximum size card is for the Canon; it should be at least 2 Gig by now?

Make yourself a long dew shield for you camera lens, although make sure it doesn't cut into the light path at the shorter focal lengths.

Some kind of substantial camera mounting accessory, such as a large ball & socket head or an adjustable platform would probably be useful, so that you can point the camera in any direction and make small adjustments easily, without the need to constantly slew your ‘scope to point in the same direction.

A long cable release to minimize fat finger and/or mirror flip up vibrations – does the Canon have a mirror lock? Better still, a (USB?) connection to a computer running some camera control software so you can control settings and view images on the computer display.


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Hi Carl...you say you have got your observatory up and running...does that include a computer..if so forget about a large memory card unless you really want one as you will directly save the images to your computer if you have a computer...I have a 2 gig card and it never gets used.

Get the remote like trevor mentioned...very cheap..I payed $27 for mine.
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Serial connector for computer operation etc

On the buy sell forum I've got a serial remote connector which is handy for remote control. Also interfaces with programs like DSLRfocus. I'd recommend the battery power pack, a couple of A1 filters to protect the lenses and the IR remote available for $20 on ebay.
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