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Originally Posted by Nikolas View Post
Fair enough but process of elimination of the easiest things first then go from there. Also frustrated with lack of skies currently
This is the emilination process, asking whether it is a consequence of having large pixels (low resolution) and Bayer matrix (softer and lower resolution again) or just soft focus. Resolution is either a problem or it isn't, focus can be one (or several) of a handful of issues.

Starting with asking about the problem I cannot fix (without changing cameras) before figuring out the stuff I can fix. Most cameras these days have pixel sizes 1/2 to 1/5 of the size of my D700 which is what prompted this question.
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Originally Posted by Nikolas View Post
Lens wide open, unless top notch super expensive, will perform much better stopped down.

Even the expensive lens perform sharpest when stopped down. The optics are tested during production and the best ones make it into the best lenses, and average ones make it into the lower lenses. They tested for sharpness and when its within the spec it can go into a fast expensive lens (fast being larger aperture/lower f stop value. No two lenses benchmark identical. Plus no two bodies benchmark identical.

Could also be your body is back or front focusing with THAT lens on YOUR body. Which version of the lens are you using? all those purple stars from your overprocessed image tell me its possibly an older one or you have a UV filter on the lens when you took the shot as the purple is a chromatic effect either from lower grade glass. If it was a VR version of the lens did you remember to turn it off???

Have you checked astrobin for other photos taken with the D700? I would say at this point the camera is not at fault. User error / current knowledge is more likely. You should not have in camera sharpness or colour processing going on either.
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