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Old 12-10-2018, 03:41 AM
denis0007dl (Denis Levatic)
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Carl Zeiss angled binoviewer

Available in white and black colour!


Honestly, I use such binoviewers and Leicas the most of all binoviewers, and like them equall!!!

I had hard time to find them in excellent condition like these, and these are really last ones of angled ones I made, so no more of them in future, so grab your item before they are gone forever!

Thats very old binoviewers, and when I sayed very old, I mean 45-50 years old!

They can be found used for sale rarely, but there are many problems:

***all of them have fungus inside optics, more or less
***all of them have scratches inside optics, more or less
***most of them have many chipped paint parts
***most of them have mechanical damages or not working
***most of them have chipped prism glass

Converting this bino for astro usage is very expensive.

I made two custom made CNC machines T2 male thread adapters on eyepeice sides.
On back side, I made T2 bayonet, made from highest quality INOX metal.

What make this binoviewer very special is:

***binoviewer is angled at 45 degrees, so you dont need to use any other prism or diagonal
***item have very unusual inner all prism system. On cube beamsplitter, there is cemented one more cube beamsplitter, which is not actually beamsplitter, but second prism do tottal reflection under 45 degrees incoming light-no other binoviewer in world have such excellent setup.
As final result, there is incredible optical performance, with unusual (huge) light transmittion, not imaginable for that time of production.
Sharpness and contrast stayed above nowdays Mark V, Binotron 27 etc premium binoviewers!
So all in all, both mechanical and optical performance, look and feel about it, is rellay AMAZING, and its small word for this described-you will know what I think once you get it!

There is also one more excellent and very usefull thing: this bino containts built in Carl Zeiss made angled prism, so you dont need to use any additional diagonal!

Binoviewer is built like a TANK!
It contains bronze like one of building materials, and I add high quality ALU and INOX to round this high quality optical and mechanical story.


- clear aperture on all sides 18.5mm
- prism edges are origianlly blackened
- all optics and mechanics high quality
- high light transmittion
- custom made, high quality T2 male connections on each eyepeice side when you remove 1.25 inch eyepeice holders, so you can use them for many other applications simultaneously, for example for photo and visual, etc etc.
- custom made CNC machined INOX made T2 connection on the telescope side
- possible easy collimation if necessary by shifting eyepeice holder plates only, so you dont need to open binoviewer, and you dont need touch/shift prisms
- light path: 12.5cm ONLY with installed Baader Helicall eyepeice holders
- IPD: from 54mm to 76mm

Optics and mechanics Made in Germany!

In setup are included (price for binoviewer in this setup is 400 USD only) :

- 1x Carl Zeiss binoviewer Made in Germany
- custom made T2 eyepeice holders
- custom made T2 INOX bayonet

Here you can add any eyepeice hodlers like Baader ClickLocks, Helicalls, Ultrashorts etc, and Quick Changer and T2 scope adapter.
In that price are not included Baader Helicall, Baader QuickLock eyepeice holders, neather Baader Baader Quick Changer and Baader T2 to 1.25 inch adapter.

If you want that I include Baader Helicall eyepeice holders, Baader Quick Changer and Baader T2 to 1.25 inch adapter, add 160 USD more!

If you want that I include Baader QuickLock eyepeice holders, Baader Quick Changer and Baader T2 to 1.25 inch adapter, add 240 USD more!

I will cover shipping costs anywhere wordwide for any setup!

Included lifetime support, free cleaning, free collimation, and I can provide you free collimation instructions if needed!!!

I accept PayPal, bank money transfer, Western Union or cash.

Kind regards and all best
Denis, binoviewers expert
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Old 14-10-2018, 03:12 PM
denis0007dl (Denis Levatic)
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Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Umag, Croatia, Europe
Posts: 10
White colour is sold, so available is only black colour.


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