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Arctic Butterfly

Just want an opinion of this device for cleaning DSLR sensor


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I like mine very much.
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I think there are other systems that do a better job although I have no exposure to them.
Apparently DSLR's are quite prone to splashing lubricant on the sensor (actually the filter in front of the filter).

A name that is most frequently mentioned around the photography forums is the Copperhill wet dry cleaning kit available from Quality Camera Sales Australia.

The Copperhill wet dry sensor cleaning kit is about 100 recession riddled buckazoids.
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Originally Posted by [1ponders] View Post
I like mine very much.
That's all I use too.
Highly recommend it.

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I can recommend this one too but only for dust. Nothing else. Lifts the dust with a static charged brush.
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I use a rocket blower for 95% of dust cleaning, and for the bigger chunks that simply won't blow off I use the Copperhill system mentioned above. I did a lot of research on POTN beforehand and it seems to be the most popular there.

I heard bad things about the Arctic Butterfly - like all it does is move the dust around the sensor, and it can transfer oil/grease to the sensor rather than remove it.
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Seems to pick up dust for me with out moving it around. I've never experienced the oil to sensor problem, though I'm pretty careful to make sure the brush only goes on the sensor and not any of the surrounds.

I don't doubt the wet/dry system works a treat, but for me the AB is quick, simple and easy and can be done out in the field, at night at a seconds notice. Plus I can use it on any of my cameras (DMK, DBK, ToUcams, video etc) without worry about fluids getting into the 'tronics.
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A Dry kit is great for getting most of the muck off. A wet kit is good for those stubborn specks that will not move. I am planning on getting a wet kit for my new D3. The dry kit has got most of the larger motes off but there are some stuck on pieces at present.
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