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A sensational discovery

I am offering something new to science: the changing of Earthís velocity has an influence on tide, weather and peopleís psychology.
It is citing the Kalashnikov gun instance. It is calculated that the bullet during its way out from the stem of gun has the energy of 2020 J, and the gun itself has 5 J. This is known in science. The new ones is inclosing in following: the Law of Pulse(Conservation of Momentum) is acting until the bullet and the gun clash something. When the clashing both of the bullet and the gun with other objects, the center of system changes. This is against the Law of conservation of Momentum. I assure You that this issues were addressed to many PhD of science, who didnít answer till now. The Law of conservation of Momentum and the Law of conservation of energy must be changed. Presently the science is against everyone who finds arguments that are disclaiming the Law of conservation of Momentum and the Law of conservation of energy and tries to occupy churchís place, as in the times of Copernicus, when the idea about rotation of the Earth was considered heresy.
You can examine the document by following [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']reference: http://popusoileonid.narod.ru/index_eng.html[/FONT]
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