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Which 80mm?

I'm thinking that I might do some imaging, webcan to start with, and notice that heaps of folk around here are using 80mm refractors.
The norm seems to be an 'ED', but which brand are you guys using?
I know there's Skywatcher and Meade who have 80mm ED's. What about the Orion 80? I know it's not an ED, but have folks used it for imaging? How did you find it? What sort of results did you get?

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I think the Skywatcher, Saxon, Orion, Meade and Celestron ED80s are basically the same scope with varying prices according to the particular logo on the scope!
This is the model I have...
For $699 you get everything you see in the pic from Bintel.
Great scope for getting into imaging - go for an ED model, this is an apochromatic telescope which eliminates chromatic abberation/false colour(purple fringes around stars and bright objects). The Orion 80 is an achromatic telescope which will show this false colour. It will drive you mad, believe me...go the ED80!!!
Check out the pics in the Canon 40D signature links below, all taken with an ED80.
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The Meade ED80 5000 is a bit different from the others. The focal length is shorter, its F6 and it is a 3 element design, not two elements as in the saxon and skywatcher which are exactly the same scope with a different paint scheme

The Saxon/Skywatcher is probably a better choice if you also want to look as its a bit easier to get a higher magnification. All three scopes really need a focal reducer for imaging though in order to get rid of the field curvature.

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Hi Jason, ED80, You realy can't go wrong. The scope is nearly a perfect match to a DSLR and will probably work quite well with a web cam. The requirement for a focal reducer/flattener can be removed by cropping your final images. As to which one? Well the choise is yours. Skywatcher Orion, Celestron and most of the major brands are made by Synta (China), they all have little diferences but all in all are basicly the same scope with good quality lensing. If you take a look at my site you can see several images taken with a Skywatcher ED80 and a couple of DSLR cameras at prime focus.

Sky watcher at least come with tube rings, finder, 2" crayford and dovetail bar for around the same price as the others without tube rings.
Andrews have ED80 at reasonable prices for the standard blue tubed scope.

Hope this helps and good luck

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I would also take a look at the Stellervue 80mm NHNG scope.


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