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Auto focus options ofr a TS 102mm refractor

Hi there all.

I just recently acquired a TS 102mm, f7 ED refractor off a fellow member, and am looking for options to attach a focuser motor that can be operated with my PC . The 3" focuser is rock solid, so very reluctant to make any mods to it and will probably sell my moonlite and stepper motor to fund the motorised attachment.

So do any of you have any suggestions for this. Obviously an ATLAS is out of the question. That's divorce material there.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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You could check out the SharpSky Pro. I got a customised unit made for my Sharpstar 107PH. Very fine control unit that works well for me.

The only drawback at this time is there is no INDI driver for it - just ASCOM.
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+1 for the Sharpsky Pro.
I have one on my Baby Q and one on a Sharpstar 65Q.
Very nice bit of kit and the support from Dave (the builder of them) is excellent.
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I have a TS 115 and can recommend the USB_Focuser with the TS focuser adaptor. Works fine with SGP focuser control. You can find both on the Teleskop-Express website. You keep the TS focuser, which is rock solid.
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I have the TS 102/ 1100 scope which I use for solar observing/ imaging with the Baader wedge or PST mod.
I ended up just adding a SkyWatcher electronic motor with a belt drive to the 10:1 focuser knob. Just needs a small bracket to match the available screws in the base of the focuser.
Works extremely well for me, and very cost effective!!!
This can be controlled from the PC using the Shoestring software....
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Dear Ken, Jeremy, Glen and Chris,

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

Seeing the Sharpsky pro bracket forced me to go and have a close look at the focuser of the scope in my possession. I have worked out a way to attach the moonlite motor to it with a couple of bits from the local chain and local small hardware. All is attached and working.

Once again thanks for the replies and thoughts. Very helpful!

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Nice work Scott

So when are you opening a telescope making company?
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