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UV filter for the front of a camera lens.

I was oif a cheap UV filter will do the job just as well as an expensive UV filter. A friend of mine wants to buy one really to just protect the lens of her L series lens.


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Interesting timing. I was only just reading an extensive thread about these on DPReview.

It seems photographers are split on this issue. Some say not to use and some say use them to protect.

One guy even went to the trouble of creating a setup to test various UV filters for their protection factor.

His conclusion was UV filters do not offer much protection from impact or droppage but do give protection from finger prints (some complain lenses are way easier to clean finger prints from compared to lenses) dust, rain etc.

In night shots with bright lights UV filters are not recommended as they can cause flare.

I prefer them simply to protect delicate lens coatings, scratches, rub in the bag if the lens cap comes off or I can't find it (how often do have to search for your lens cap??).

There was a review of the various UV filter makes on DPreview. Perhaps search for it. They rated them for flare, IQ, etc etc.

As I recall Marumi, B and W were among the best. Hoya I think was good. I have either Hoya or Marumi.

A lot of photographers responded that they only use B and W nano 007.

Hoya apprarently have a new type CD3 so that is worth checking out.

If you are using a circular polarising filter it may not be smart to stack filters as IQ degradation may be more pronounced plus worse ghosting and flare issues.

I wouldn't cheap out on the UV filter in front of a premium L series lens though.

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I've used UV filters as protection for years mainly because my primary subject was Rally cars on gravel. I have had a few chipped or broken but it has protected the lens in each case. It also does the 'finger print and dust' protection thing.
I've used both Marumi and Hoya over the years, both are excellent.

But regard UV fiters as sacrificial, they do take hits and scratches but at least they are cheaper to replace than scatched lenses.
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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
I wouldn't cheap out on the UV filter in front of a premium L series lens though.

When you're spending a good amount of money on a lens its just sensible to protect it. Keep lens hood in place and a good UV filter and your lens will be happy wherever you use it. Cheap filters are NEVER worth the bother. Ever.
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