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Aspect Ratio for Canon DSLR Live View

When I use my Canon 600D on live view through my 150mm F6 reflector telescope for planetary imaging , should I set my aspect ratio to 1:1 in the menu

Does shooting in live view default to an aspect ratio of 1:1 ??

Thereís nothing in the Canon manual that answers this question directly

All the DSLR Astro sites and blogs mention you must shoot with an aspect ratio ( pixel resolution) of 1:1 if imaging planets and the moon

Itís currently set at 3:2 and Iím getting reasonable images of Jupiter and Saturn through a 4x Powermate

I havenít done any stacking or processing as yet

Appreciate any advice on this
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Hi Martin,

An aspect ratio of 1:1 means that your camera is producing a square image from a rectangular sensor. This is achieved by using the full height but cutting strips either side off.
For planetary work, you don't need the full width of your sensor (as long as you are centred on the planet). The planet is so small that likely even the remaining portion of your sensor in 1:1 mode is huge in comparison to the tiny disc image.
Having an image with less data makes post processsing easier and also helps dealing with gradients etc. as the sample space is reduced.
The benefits for going 1:1 are mainly a reduced set of data that still contains all of your desired planet data. There is nothing wrong with shooting in any other aspect ratio mode really as long as you are mainting the highest resolution. Your just saving and post processing a whole lot of additional data (mainly background sky) is probably not relevant to your final image.

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