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The Running Man

I'm still a nube at Post editing in star tools but this will be my first wholey edited Image in ST. 43 Darks & 183 x 5sec +11 x 8sec no filter.Bortel 5 Sky. total exposure of 16.7 Min from 2 sessions . My first edit finished in black and white so this one has been my 4th go at getting the colour some where near realistic. I'm missing the red in the dark sections though .Maybe more subs will help. Cheers Wes
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Really nice Wes. Well done. A really nice natural image
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Very sharp image Wes but it's an uphill battle getting the nebulosity with such short exposures.
Your setup is perfect for bright PN, something I'm planning to target with the 150ED when I get a chance.
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That's come up well Wes, a very up close and personal view of the Running Man. Nice touch adding the sig at the bottom very professional and good to see you making progress and learning your way through StarTools. Well done.
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Really nice shot.
I think you can stretch it a little more, no problem.
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Thanks for the constructive criticism and encouragement guys.
Multi web, you are spot on. Your extra stretch has definitely bumped it up a notch. I’m always fearful of blowing out / making huge the bright stars in the fov. I mustn’t be doing something right with the star mask in StarTools. I do auto —> Stars—> play around a bit with make blob bigger etc in individual stars / flood fill brighter pixels—> invert—> Keep . But the stars still seem to grow .
I also hoping to extend exposure times with the addition of a Barlow Orion Starshoot auto- guider. It’s a journey but I think the results are improving albeit slowly . Cheers 🥂
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A great object
If it were more distant from m42 we would appreciate it more.

Well done.
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Hi Wes
Great image you have have here and good framing as well.
I'm still working out post processing as well in Startools and it's a fair bit of guess work for me.
A bit of extra stretching like Marc did will top it off.
Good work.
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