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All-in-One Outdoor Imaging Project

Hi All,

Having just recently installed my new semi-permanent pier, I am now about to proceed with making it an All-in-One Outdoor Setup.

This image is of my ED80 for the first test run. Next is my 10" RC.

The idea that I am running with, is that the mount is put back on the pier each time with very little adjustment (Polar/GoTo) necessary. My next step is to remove the ghetto black plastic container hiding a laptop thing, and put everything inside one, weather-tight box that can hang off the side of the pier. To do this, I will be utilising an Intel NUC7I7 for all of the image acquisition and scope control and to control remotely on either my laptop or phone/tablet (through RDP over WiFi and LAN).

So far, all of the stuff is working in another ghetto container. However, I am trying to gauge opinion or interest in perhaps documenting everything for someone else to give it a go. Everything will be powered by 240VAC, but you could make your own changes to run on 12VDC. So far, I have measured the power needed for everything under maximum load, and it comes to approximately 180W Peak. So about 0.75A @ 240VAC or 15A @ 12VDC.

To give you an idea of exactly what I mean, here is my rough schematic/layout of the whole thing. Subject to change.

The main reason why I am wanting to do this, is that the wind just blows everything away (in the containers). I'd hate to go to bed and find all the electronics/laptop/etc damaged when I wake up.

So, if there is enough interest. I will document as I go along.



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I think your .075 Amp for 240VAC should read .75 Amps. Worth documenting regardless, you may just encourage someone else to have a go or find a better solution.
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Fixed up the typo. I’m just finalising what enclosure to use without being too large before I continue, but I am just about there.
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