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Canon 60Da Question

I'm trying to get hold of a Canon EOS 60Da and finding it rather difficult. I checked with a major camera chain here in Canberra and they'd never heard of it!

There are a several online suppliers that I've tracked down that have them at good prices (around the $1000 mark for body only), but I'm a bit nervous about spending that much with an online store unless I've dealt with them before or had them recommended.

So, does anyone know of a legit source where I can get one, online or otherwise?

Thanks all.
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Most camera shops won't or don't carry the 60Da and trying to get one through a store, in most cases, is like pulling teeth. Don't worry too much about most online stores. They're usually pretty good.
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Hi Jeff

I ordered one from Camera Warehouse here in Melbourne in late December last year and it arrived mid-January this year.


It was the body only, but I've been very happy so far with its performance and ease of use. Live view is good with the use of a Bahtinov mask for focusing my scope.

All the camera stores that I rang at the time (about a dozen all over the country) said that they didn't carry the camera in stock but would have to order it in. The store I chose to order through is close to home.

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I'd keep a keen eye on Astromart if I were you:


Many people sell their DSLRs when they buy a CCD
so you should find something at a good price.

If you really like the hobby you'll buy a CCD too one day
so why spend so much money on a new one?
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I personally wouldn't buy the 60DA.
I think you are better off buying the non modified version and sending it to Melbourne Camera Clinc for modifications.
I got my 500D modified full spectrum and they did a brilliant job.
Also a lot of the reviews appear to suggest you get a better result getting the mod done after purchace.

Just my thoughts anyway.
Check out my modded shots on 500px.com/crainer2 if you are interested. Have you considered going for the 6D.

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