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Thanks Bojan and Susan, good stuff.

is comparable in performance with equivalent Canon at f5.6 [Bojan] Yes, well, maybe so, but I image one is paying the top dollar for good performance half- or one-stop down from f/1.4 or F/2 in the fast Canon lenses.

I do admire the brave folks who even just think about modifying lenses, let alone doing it!
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The way I see it, if one can not afford to pay top dollars, one can still do a top job with much less....
Half or one stop down in aperture is double the exposure time... But this is only time, and we (amateurs) are not in business where time is money.
The problem is, talking big money and un-compromised performance here actually discourages many people to even give it a go, and there are so many other ways available, one just need to start looking at those things as mere tools for the job. Is 20 minutes less per image taken really worth couple of k$?
It is up tp the individual to make a choice... but that decision has to be based on good and complete information.
BTW, I can assure you I need much more courage to talk with my wife about k-dollars for my astronomy expenses, than to simply roll up sleeves and dismantle and modify the piece of metal and glass I paid for $30 on ebay :-)

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Hi everyone,

I just saw that at http://centre.net.au/index.html?cat=00085F&it=prod they have some seriously cheap Canon gear - a 28 mm f1.8 for $489 - I paid over $630 and thought that was cheap - RRP is $850! And a 28 mm f2.8 for $195 (RRP $360) and a 24 mm f1.4 L for $1300 (RRP $2360). Also various other bits and pieces - scroll down near the bottom of the list.
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Another astro lens for 400D

Hi again,
On cloudy nights I found this discussion:
Judging the sample images, this lens seems to be a very good alternative to all those who have tight budget but still do not want to compromise performance... ~AU$700 on ebay

~$1210.00 on http://shop.centre.net.au/

Some reviews are below:

Does anyone on this forum have any experience with this lens?


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For anyone in Melbourne might want to check out some of the gear this guy is selling:


200 2.8L looks like its only 6 months old and for $650 is a bargain price.


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