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Observing Report March 8/9 2013

Well after a couple of very enjoyable nights at the Snake Valley Mini Camp here is my report. Paddy has rightly pointed out that the reports area on IIS has been a bit thin lately so hopefully this helps.

Observing Report Snake Valley Camp March 8/9 2013

All observations made with 20 f5 Dobsonion. Eyepieces used 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 21mm Ethos and 41mm Panoptic giving 254x, 195x, 150x, 121x and 62x respectively.
Conditions warm with light breezes both nights, Friday 8th March cleared about 10pm. Seeing was very steady and good transparency. Saturday 9th March cleared after midnight and was warmer. Seeing was poor to average with transparency never better than fair and views often interrupted by high level cloud.
All objects located with assistance of Argo Navis system. Deep Sky Observers Guide used to select objects with Uranometria 2000 as a supplementary resource.

March 8

NGC 2914 and 2911 Galaxies in Leo
2 Galaxies within field. Brightish star just to p of NGC 2914. NGC 2911 is on Np side of field. NGC 2911 is a large roughly oval glow with a round slightly brighter core. NGC 1914 is on f side of field and is smaller and fainter.

NGC 2916 GX in Leo
Has a star on S end. Oval glow, slighty brighter in centre.

NGC 2964/68 Galaxies in Leo
Pair of galaxies within inner third of field at 195x (30 field) indicate approx 10 apart. NGC 2964 is brighter and lies on N side of field. Large oval glow. NGC 2968 is smaller, fainter and appears more elongated.

NGC 2041 Galaxy in Leo
A large low surface brightness spiral nearly face on. Has a star just to S. 2 faint stars on P side just visible.

NGC 3190, 3185, 3193 AND 3187 Galaxy group within Leo
Group is entirely within field 40 wide at 150x. NGC 3190 and 3193 previously observed on 19th March 2012. NGC 3190 is a bright elongated oval, bright core aligned EW, hint of dark lane just to f of core. NGC 3193 is a bright round patch with a star to N. NGC 3187 is a very faint S shaped spiral to p of NGC 3190. NGC 3185 has a compact faint core and large extended halo.

NGC 3222 Galaxy in Leo
Lies just t p of NGC 3226/7 pair previously observed March 19 2012. Faint with low surface brightnes with a just visible core. Star lies just to S of centre.

Objects noted as observed without detailed notes.
NGC 4435, NGC 4438, NGC 4387, NGC 4388, NGC 4413, NGC 4425, NGC 4022, NGC 4431, NGC 4436 (very faint), NGC 4440, M87, NGC 4478, NGC 4476, NGC 4550, NGC 4551, NGC 4567, NGC 4568, NGC 4564

March 9

Hickson 61 (NGC 4169, 4174, 4175, 4173) Galaxy group in Coma Berenices
Compact group of edge on spirals forming a rough rectangle. Colloquially known as the Box group. Low altitude makes details hard to distinquish. NGC 4173 is an edge on spiral with low surface brightnes and no visible core. NGC 4175 lies to Sf and is smaller brighter with core and is also edge on. NGC 4174 is mll and barely visible and lies at S corner of box. Small and barely seen. NGC 4169 is p corner and is a large oval glow and is an almost face on spiral or elliptical.

NGC 4712 Galaxy in Coma Berenices
Small faint oval glow lies 20 to P of NGC 4725. No obvious core.

NGC 4725 Galaxy in Coma Berenices
Oval glow aligned EW. Has a bright round core, bright inner ring and faint halo.

NGC 4517 Galaxy in Virgo
Edge on galaxy. Aligned EW, N and S edges are nearly parallel and give galaxy an extended rectangular look. Has a star on Np edge. Very even glow.

NGC 4527 GX in Virgo
Spindle shaped galaxy with obvious core, faint extensions running EW. Appears to have a dark lane on N side.

NGC 4536 Galaxy in Virgo
More oval than NGC 4527 and lies 20 to S of that galaxy. Stellar core and evenly illuminated halo.

NGC 4292 Galaxy in Virgo
Lies within field of M61 just to Np beside a mag 10.5 star. Small well defined oval. Bright patch near core gives almost a double core effect (maybe a foreground star?)

NGC 4303A Galaxy in Virgo
Lies to f of M61. Faint round, slighly amorphous glw with faint mottling.

NGC 4378 Galaxy in Virgo
Lies between 2 mag 9 stars about 45 to Nf of M61. Small round glow very prominent almost stellar core.

NGC 4261/64 Galaxies in Virgo
NGC 4261 is a large bright nearly circular galaxy. NGC 4264 is a faint round conpanion to Nf. Both have obvious cores and evenly fainter halos.

NGC 4273/4277 Galaxies in Virgo
NGC 4273 is a bright elobgated oval. NGC 4277 is a very faint round glow without core 4 or 5 to F.
NGC 4281 Galaxy in Virgo
Lies just Nf from NGC 4273. Has a round core, runs NS, slighty brighter than NGC 4273.
NGC 4268 Galaxy in Virgo
Lies to Sp of NGC 4273. Slightly brighter than NGC 4277 but with prominent core.

NGC 4270 Galaxy in Virgo
Forms a Y shaped group with NGC 4273, 4281 and 4268.

Many other objects observed, M42, M43, Running Man Nebula, Omega Centauri, NGC 4945, NGC 5128, M104, M8, M20, M4, Eskimo nebula among others.

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You've really started racking up the galaxies Malcolm! What a great report from a couple of very productive and enjoyable nights!
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I'm going to check some of those out Malcom, nice report
thanks phil
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