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Mirror Lock and LiveView

On my old Canon 350 I used mirror lock [up] to minimise vibration on shutter release. The manual for the Canon 1100 does not mention mirror lock.
Am I right in thinking the mirror is locked-up in the LiveView mode?

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I think that is how it works, but the mirror drops and then lifts and drops for the picture when u press the shutter release, rather than staying up. That's how it appears to work on my eos600D if I am in Livev View and not using mirror lock.. I think. Which would only increase the possiblitiy of camera shake.
The 1100 doesn't have the feature which is unfortunate.

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For the moon I find shutter speeds between 1/2500th and 1/4000th sec,
[depending on the phase of the moon] give me the sharpest images with my 1100d. I think the exposure is over and done with before the mirror
vibrations get up and going.
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