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Old 26-04-2017, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by el_draco View Post
Did an experiment tonight. Drank one double shot and went out and looked
Did a second experiment an hour later after two shots
DFid a tird expment an hor later afer thrtee shots

did s futh expt an hur latr aNE AFER fie shotsy

so many more sarts after los whicksey
What excellent research. There should be a grant for that kind of work.

When I turned 70 last year I decided that I needed some new hobbies to sparkle up the declining years. I chose Whisky, Gin and Astronomy. It's exciting to know that I can combine two of them in such a scientific manner.

My contribution to science, in a similar vein, was to buy a breathalyser and test the difference between drinking whisky after and before food.

The methodology was similar to yours.

Day 1: Late afternoon, empty stomach. Drank a quick double shot, waited 20 minutes for absorption to take place and took a reading. Drank another quick double, waited a further 20 mins and took another reading. Drank a third quick double and waiting 20 mins and.... was then blowing 0.07 and officially too pissed to drive a car. Operating a ride-on lawnmower or telescope might have been tricky too. But I was still not staggering drunk, singing vulgar songs or offering to fight any man in the room - just very cheerful. It took a while to drop back below .05.

Day 2: I repeated the experiment after dinner. Food is said not to "soak up" or neutralise alcohol, but just to spread out the effect more evenly over a longer time. And that's what apparently happened. At the same stage I'd previously hit .07 I was only showing 0.04. It then slowly crept up to 0.05 and then took a couple of hours to drift back down to 0.03. I still didn't risk mowing the grass though. Left it for a few weeks just to be on the safe side.

I'm still awaiting a Nobel Prize for the research, but these things take time.

I'm currently giving my liver a break and my eyes a solid workout with my new toy - an inexpensive beginner telescope. Apparently I can achieve blurriness on no whiskies at all...



PS I never drink and drive a car. The experiment was just for fun and to try and get a handle on what the new hobby might be doing to what's left of my body.
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Old 26-04-2017, 03:11 PM
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You guys blow me away, funny and very true.

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