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yeh what are you up too Terry - something cooking! fortunate about pluto's demotion eh interesting new field there, sunburnt astronomy! i know its got to be going somewhere to do with comets

btw got David S's book a whiles back, so many of your obs/pics in it, you should of got dual credit congrats
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Originally Posted by CometGuy View Post

I think your on to my thinking! However, at SOHO distances the limiting magnitude is much higher, maybe its possible with a videocam. The most impressive daylight observation I've seen (made 2.5 hours before sunset) is this image of M57:


When you stretch the image you can see mag 12-13 stars quite easily. 8 Degrees from the sun WILL be a different story, however, and I think you would loose several magnitudes so I do think it is good enough against SOHO!

Its a brave thing to do!
You'd probably be the first person that i know of attempting comets in daytime! Mind you it's not a silly thing to do.......
It would re-write comet observing/hunting if it came off!

It just adds to my outlook on Astronomy and the Universe itself....that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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