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Ngc 3576

You know those nights where things just don't go as you'd hope. Well, this was one of them. What made it worse is that I didn't know until the following morning!

I've recently started using Sequence for acquisition which is a part of the software package for running my DDM60. It's autofocus routine is very good unlike SGP, there is very little downtime between frames.... Unlike SGP.
What I found out is ALSO unlike SGP is that you cannot change your sequence on the fly. I started the sequence with on 1 hour of acquisition which I noticed a few minutes later and changed it to 7 hours to which is told me the finishing time and the altitude NGC 3576 would be at that time. So I went to bed.

Woke up at 6am to start packing up and noticed that it hadn't done a meridian flip. Checked the laptop and only 30 images had been captured in over 7 hours and I quickly knew why! More than that, nearly half of that had been cloud affected (I was expecting a few passing clouds at first). So, lesson learned.

Here is NGC 3576 with 38 minutes of data and a few reflections from stars outside the field.

High Res Link
Cropped and reframed version
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Still, it’s come out well.
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Originally Posted by Geoff45 View Post
Still, itís come out well.
I am pretty happy for the amount of exposure. I do wonder how much better it would be if it had worked properly in the first place
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That is an interesting image despite the lack of time.

Your star fields are very vibrant, they look great.

Its going to need some Ha as well to get the neb above the field though.

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