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A longer sub test

Hi all,

I have decided to experiment with the Riccardi reducer that I have only briefly used when I bought my current telescope some time ago.

I certainly need to fine-tune spacing and orthogonality, but it is so much fun capturing data with a refractor at f/4.5, that I could not resist sharing the results.

Attached is a single 45-minute Ha-sub of a very popular DSO (histogram stretch only).

Thank you for looking
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That's a seriously nice looking 45 minute Ha sub Suavi!
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Yeah nice...but what iiiis that object..? got me beat...

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Thank you Col - I may investigate taking longer than my usual 15-min subs.

Mike - this is just a point and shoot test sub and I have been planning another DSO for my next image, but since you like this sub, I am now tempted to take a proper image of this fascinating area in the night-sky instead...
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Wow, gain that is seriously sharp for the size of your scope. Its really outperforming its size. CFF rock.

Long subs make sense with narrowband if your tracking is up to it. I would describe narrowband as tracking and weather limited. No point in doing 1 hour subs if the weather isn't completely stable or if your tracking is not amazing.

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