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Old Camera gear-worth anything?

Hi Folks.

Just tiding up to day,my wife found her old SLR camera kit,it all in good order,has two lenses and carry kit,and all the bits that came with purchase,all those years ago.

My wife has won quite a few comps with this gear,but it no longer gets used,not sure what to do with it.Would it be of any value?,I hear collectors by old gear,but have no idea if this is of any value-if at all.All still in working order,and has been well looked after.

See images below,thanks for any information.

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Ebay !
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I have an old film SLR and couple of lenses very similar to that. They're not worth much these days. Ebay would be your best bet, but don't expect much money for it.
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Depending on the brand Chris, it it were Olympus for instance, the OM series then they are very collectible, especially the very fast Suiko lenses.

The other brands really don't pull much money, I suggest you keep it and store it and give it to your grand kids, they will be astounded that film cameras actually existed, especially with this age of digital everything.

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Hi Chris, I'm a professional photographer and have retired from that line of work.

I have two high end Cannon and Nikon SLR's and lenses.

There is NO market for them unless you want very little for it or if it's a collector's item................which mine are not.

The only use is the lenses that may (that's ''may'') be compatible with some of the new DSLR's or can be used in front of some of the astro cams out there with suitable adaptors.

I've got my money back on this gear 20 times over in a part time application so I don't really care about the worthlesness of it all.

But hey!..............good lenses are ''good lenses'' ,so, they will be retained.

Film is Film......................and brother!................when used in a cooled Schmidt camera from the golden Celestron days, the results can surpass even the best astro cams
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