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ASI1600MM-Pro in Beta

ZWO has got another version of the 1600MM in beta test with Jon Rista over on CN.

You can read about it here:


You will find a post by me over there, suffice to say i am not impressed, as they are solving a problem that no one actually has. Seems to me they are just matching QHY improvements to their versions. Eliminated Offset control. Stuck a DDR buffer on it, claim AMP Glow reduction (which calibrates out anyway).

Make up your own mind.
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Might help with the asi071 if they do a pro version of that. There's nasty amp glow when it goes through usb2 - I suppose its the huge files it has to push out . So I wonder what they'll charge to have a pro label stuck on it - and a bit of ram on the inside.
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Yeah no upgrade if you use your 1600 on USB 3

They've also shown a 1600GT on FB - basically a 1600 with integrated filter wheel.

On top of that, there's the 294MC, 385MC...and the new mini guide cams.
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interesting, but more marketing than tech I guess. My mk1 is working flawlessly, so no need to upgrade just yet.
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