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Image Capture Limitations?

When capturing an AVI what are the limitations, computer wise, on the recording of number of frames per second??


If I had a DMK running at 60fps, at 640 x 480, would some frames be dropped if the laptop or computer was not powerful enough. Because the computer could not handle the large amounts of data??

I'm asking this as I have an LPI which only records at 2-3 fps (at 640 x 480) and wondered whether this might apply to webcam-like equipment.

Thanks in advance!
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I upgraded my laptop recently while I've only used the LPI once very briefly, I did find that the new laptop captured a lot more frames,

with my old pentium 4 933mhz, 256 meg ram I could capture at most 2 frames a second with an exposure time of 1/10th of a second.

The new laptop I have is a core 2 duo 2.2ghz, 2 gig ram and it captures as many frames as possible.

I would imagine that this would be the same for a DMK though I'm not sure, but when I get my DMK I'll be able to find out.
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the dmk camera will rocket along with a relatively new computer, the issue for firewire ones is the supply of power to the camera, i havent used a usb one yet.

i use mine on 2.8 gig processor and 1.5 gig ram and store to an external hard drive with zero problems
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