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I was warned that this astrophotography was expensive, for the amount of money I've spent I could have booked on ' Virgin Space' or whatever it's called!!!!
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With little hesitation I would have to say it was Optec's FocusLock to use with my ONAG(s). The ability to image all night without re-focusing is pretty amazing. Lodestar owners + OAG can now take advantage of this with Optec's Lacerta.

A close 2nd is the SX-AO-LF. On my dual scope setup it has eliminated the problem of differential flexure between the two scopes allowing simultaneous imaging for up to 20 minute subs.

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This thread explains a lot of the weather down south!!

The thread is also 'sponsored by the fabulous ZWO, manufacturers of the virus-like ASI1600'
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The transmission grating spectroscope, for sure!
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This is difficult to pin down to one thing. I've done a number of purchases recently to set up a new scope (refractor) that individually have aspects that qualify.

However, I think it's getting the Coronado SolarMax 60 DS that I'll pick - just because it opened up new opportunities for me. I can now image the Sun.
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This year for me was getting Maxdome and TheSkyX all set up and working well with a Vixen Atlux / SkySensor2000-PC rig, and adding a ZWO 1600MM-C + seven slot filter wheel to take 36mm filters (L,R,G,B,SII,Ha, OIII) is I guess the bees knees!
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