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Mesu 200 vs JTW OGEM

The time is coming close for me to choose a new mount for a fixed setup.

Im looking at the Mesu 200 or the new JTW OGEM.

I have heard great things from the Mesu 200 and I will probable get it. But I have came across the JTW mount and it looks like it does the same job as the mesu but cheaper. What are your thoughts?

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Hi Ben,

There's always a risk importing expensive gear from overseas, in the event of a serious malfunction, the equipment has to be returned to its mothership for warranty repair, which of course is expensive in shipping costs.

I had this in the back of my mind when I ordered my Mesu 200 mount 2 years ago, and the fact I was the first user in Australia and possibly the Southern Hemisphere. So I also had that guinea pig feeling as well, that the software may not work below south of the equator.

But after receiving the mount and setting up, everything worked perfectly, with only minor tweaks to its clock rate to allow me to get 0.7arcsec tracking with no guiding (0.4 with guiding).

The JTW mount I have never heard of before and reading its specs it seems the base model is shipped without encoders, whereas the Mesu gets 2 encoders per axis, one for the each motor and one for each axis shaft.

The other unkown is the control software supplied by JTW, the FreeGo2 is open-source which may mean it is not very advanced and may require user feedback (guinea pigs) to improve the system. Many years ago when ASA introduced their new mounts they come in for heavy criticism for poor software that was supplied back then. Mesu use the Si-Tech control system which is advanced and is used by many different mount manufacturers around the world.

Out of the two choices, you have Mesu with a strong user base and little bad feedback, versus JTW with an unknown mount that looks good on paper but no user base.

Thats my opinion anyway

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I tend to agree with Bill on this. Not so much because there is little feedback in Australia with the JTW but that it isn't one that i've heard of at all.

The Mesu200 has good feedback and very little bad so it would be the better choice unless you feel like being that guinea pig.
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i will be the tester!!!!! i am testing and troubleshooting a Mesu 200 and ordered a JTW from the Australian Dealer, Sidereal Trading....

I sold my Old Tak NJP in order to upgrade to friction drive and i am sure the OGEM from JTW is my best option....

Anyways, friction drive is AWESOME................ of course, i am getting my JTW with encoders....
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For the configurations, are they cost similar?

And if you're throwing money around, could you add the ioptron CEM120EC/CEM120EC2 in as well?
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