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Well, Greg, I hear you and I have considered that. But, keep in mind what my goal is here. I have both the TEC180 and the TEC140 on the same mount and my desire is to image simultaneously with both scopes: RGB with the TEC140 at .99 arc sec, and Lum with the TEC180 at .88 arc-sec. Remarkably the FOV with the 8300 chip camera and the TEC180 is only slightly larger than the FOV of the TEC140/Trius combination. I think some of my images done this way have come out OK but I've been concerned about the blurry blue sub frames. Other than this one issue it is working quite well. I've not found a different camera that will give me the resolution or ease in combining images. So, I will persevere by either finding the right exposure/filter combination, or just ignore the issue and process out the aberrations. I do appreciate yor input!

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Yes that is convenient. You can match images from different focal lengths with Registar as well as an alternative.

One strategy may be to take shorter subs for RGB stars with the 694 and mask them in on the longer exposure images. See if that works.

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