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Paul, I can't see any picture or attachment but if your tripod has a standard 1/4" screw it will be fine and perfectly safe to just use the tripod mounting socket on the base of the camera body.
The Canon mounts are quite sturdy and you can hang plenty of weight off them without too much risk.
It's only when lenses start getting quite long that you need a tripod collar. The 100mm macro is fine without one.
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thanks so much for that. Whoops, yes, I did forget to attach the pic - foolish me But you've hit the nail on the head with the answer to my question. I was concerned about what seems like quite a lot of weight hanging off the camera body. But you've put my mind at rest there thanks very much.

Ok, dinner finished, - now to get playing again. What a drag
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Originally Posted by troypiggo View Post
Came across this last night. Check out his diffuser for on-camera flash:

The material is some synthetic stuffing from SpotLight or something like that. Natural material has a colour cast, synthetic is white.

And check out the results. Stunning:
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Awesome Troy,

thanks for those links. His photography is absolutely stunning hey!
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