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HDR timelapse (canon 600d - magic lantern)

Hi there,

I had my first crack at some timelapse during the week including a bit of experimentation. Just after sunset, into twilight then some star fields afterwards. I learnt alot from the experience and could easily see plenty of areas to fix! am looking forward on improving ( for one aspect ratio 4:3 -> widescreen duly noted ).

I was thinking about moon rise / set and the problems one would encounter with exposure etc. I then thought that perhaps undertaking a HDR timelapse may lessen / average out the issues slightly. I do have the lunar eclipse in mind.

Has anyone any tips? I have heard that HDR brings in a lot of extra effort (eg i would have to merge images, on the computer, be sure that the camera can take the pics quick enough, then create the timelapse, heard HDR brings in flickering etc etc). Another question is whether capturing in RAW is really that much more valuable for timelapse. I imagine it would take me several days to convert all the files and if you are combining HDR it may be less important



ps here is my attempt if anyone is interested (non HDR) - i did just notice the ringtail possum moving around in middle sequence
btw - i will never ever attempt to move by hand when capturing a timelapse!!
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