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What am I doing wrong ?

Still having fun trying to do this mono processing. See attached pic.
I took advantage of Martin Pugh's kind offer of some free Eta C imaging files to play with ( Thanks Martin ) but when I come to stack each filter I get this message. I can stack the image files no problem, but as soon as I add the appropriate Dark, Bias or Dark Master to the list then it all stops. I have fiddled with every DSS setting I can find in the registration option in but no luck. I am using the latest 64 bit version, 4.1.0.

Obviously I am missing something but no idea what. Clues please.
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Not sure if it matters, but the bias and darks are 32 bits, while the other files are 16 bits?
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The difference appears to be that the lights are 16bit and the master bias, dark and flat are 32bit.

I think DSS needs the bias/darks/flats 16bit subs to do its own stacking.

EDIT: I just checked my master darks and bias and they are all 16bit.

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OK, Ta, I'll drop them into CS2 and convert them. Just thought that as supplied they would all be compatible. Didn't think of the 16\32 bit possibility.
I'll report back soon ... fingers crossed.

Eh, Nah, that don't work. Fits Liberator won't convert 32 bit FITs files to 16 bit FITs files, only TIFFs. CS2 can't read them regardless.
Unless I convert all the image files to 16 bit TIFF as well and tehn stack them. Seems somewhat counter productive.

When I make Dark, Bias etc files I make them the same type as the image files.

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