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Is this worth buying?

Hi guys,

Is this worth taking for $150?

Iíve always wanted tracking but can never afford.

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Hi Finski,

That particular scope is quite an old model from Celestron. Not just the mount, but the scope is no spring chicken either.

I am assuming that you are looking at this scope as being second hand. If this is the case, you would want to make sure that the mount and handset actually works properly, that it can be aligned, its Goto capability is accurate and it tracks smoothly without jitters. Check that the battery compartment is nice and clean without broken down batteries in it or having been in it. This is just the mount.

As for the scope, the primary and secondary mirrors are clean, not covered in dust (a little dust is fine, but not obviously foggy with dust and dirt), and NO SIGN of fungus grows on the optics of either the scope or eyepieces. Fungus looks like little cotton ball-like spots on the glass surfaces. This stuff is bad news not only for the scope in question, but you don't want that gear anywhere near your clean optics at home as the fungus spores will spread to your other gear.

You may want a tracking scope, which can be very convenient, but don't get carried away just by an attractive looking price. The price could be very attractive, but that is an old scope by electronic standards with no real way of getting anything repaired.

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Originally Posted by Finski View Post
Is this worth taking for $150?
No it is not.


1. Join an Astro club and turn up to club nights where you can look through someone elseís gear. It helps if you learn the sky and can contribute knowledge of the objects, rather than being a total noob;

2. Buy a good book or two, and be content with that. At least bad weather wonít spoil it.

3. Buy a pair of binoculars and a planisphere.
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My colleague has the newer Celestron 130SLT and its not too bad. The views are ok and its was $500.

Not sure I would personally buy a scope like that considering its age and worries about the motors and goto. Alex is right, you may end up with more issues than what its worth and not many options to resolve them.
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I started with a 130SLT and imaged with it for a long while. The mount is useless but the scope was very nice. For $150.00 you can't go wrong. But you'll need eventually to defork it and get a proper mount.
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