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USB Hubs

I have achieved what seems to be a reasonably OK system for imaging which I am pretty happy about. Last night I set it up and ran some luminence subs on NGC3372 (Eta Carina Nebula) for over an hour and it just ticked along.
The issue that I have is that sometimes, it all goes wrong. After finsishing with NGC3372, I moved over to try and get some data on M20.

It was chugging away on that happily and I suddenly noticed that cooling had turned off. So I attempted to see if the system was talking to the camera, it "seemed" to be connected but I couldn't do anything. Then I sent and had a look at PHD and sure enough, guiding had gone nuts (the DEC line had headed off the graph)
I am suspecting that the hub that I have everything running through a powered hub that I bought at the local Computer store. I am running the guide camera, the main camera, EQMOD and the game controller receiver through the hub.
I am suspecting that the hub may be the issue (given that 2 things went wrong at the same time and the only common factor is they both run though the hub), either:
1) I have too much stuff running through it, or
2) It is dodgy being a cheap thing I bought for $25

I am trying to source a Mount Hub Pro but the Aust Distrubutor (Sirius) doesn't have them and seems to be having trouble sourcing them from the UK.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Here is a few others
A bit expensive though
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I use the mbeat 7 port hub (4 usb3, and 3 usb2) and never had a problem. It is available locally. Has a push button switch for each port. Usb3s are backward compatible i think. That hub was recommended to me by fellow iis users when i asked the question.
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I can highly recommend the Digiport powered hubs. They run off 12 volts and mine has been rock solid. I use the small 7 port model.



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not top line, but FWIW, have used 4 port and 7 port powered Belkin USB2 hubs for a couple of years with no issues at all, apart from the apparent fragility of the small input port (still not an issue). Needed a powered USB extension lead (from Jaycar) to reliably talk between the PC and the hub on the mount.
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