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Using Barlows/powermates for imaging?

Hi guys.

Does anyone out there use a refractor and barlow/refractor for imaging? I have a 3x TV powermate, the 2" variety. I've used it before when I used my 5D mkII, but since it's a full frame high res camera cropping into image so the edges wernt so noticeable, wasn't an issue.

Now that i have the STF 8300m with a much smaller sensor and less res, cropping will be limited and so I'll have a lot of elongated stars out towards the edges.

has anyone successfully used a barlow/powermate and a field flattener together?

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Hi Sandy, I used barlows with my newt and my refractor. The newt needs an MPCC at prime and the refractor has also a dedicated corrector or both will give me a bad field.

When I used a 2xbarlow on my newt I didn't have to use the MPCC although there was a very slight residual flaring on the edges it wasn't that bad.

With the refractor I tried with and without the corrector and it was obvious that the corrector wasn't needed at all when barlowing. Even easier.

So my advice is try with and without. You might get a good surprise.

PS: This is my newt x2 and this is my refractor x3.
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I thought the 2" powermates were x2 and x4????
I use them for solar imaging and spectroscopy.
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I have just started experimenting with my TEC140 + AstroPhysics 2" 2X barlow. This is a link to a 10 x 5min sub combine of M83. My guiding was not perfect through the ONAG and recent days have been spent trying to improve PEC. I get some coma towards the edges but it won't be hard to crop out.


This image is only processed in CCDStack with mild deconvolution and DDP.

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Thanks guys, I'll give it go next new moon.
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My Takahashi Extender TOA 1.6x arrived this week. Superb. Best views of Saturn yet with it, and I mainly got it for deep sky imaging! It threads directly to my field flattener. It's no ordinary barlow. They also make a 1.5x ED version. They may be compatible with other scopes too...
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