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how to find a thinner t-ring?

i have a dslr and a hotech field flattener with a zenithstar 66 sd. i am still getting a bit of curvature and by using spacers to extend the distance between FF and the sensor was making things worse. i want to try to get the FF closer but the inly way i canthink of to achieve this is to use a thinner t-ring. all the ones i have looked at seem to be about the same thickness.
i have thought about taking one to an engineer and getting him to thin it down except that they all seem to have 3 grub screws holding an inner ring(which the FF screws into)this ring could be screwed a little further into the outer t-ring by extending the thread. the problem as i see it when milling this t-ring down it will expose 3 holes from where the grub screws were. this could create a problem as a latche does not really like holes in a job being tooled)i hope i have explained this clearly and it's not too long or convoluted an explanation.

has anyone had any experience in how one might achieve a thinner t-ring or another method of getting the FF closer to the sensor?

any ideas opinions welcome.

thanks for looking.
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Lookus, if you consider a canon t-ring, then all of them should be 11mm thick as the standard is 55mm to the sensor. I thought the hotech was also 55mm. That said, there are t-rings around that do not have the inner t-thread held in by 3 grub screws. That's the sort you need.
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