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Addons for telescope

I work at a university student residence, and a few years ago we bought a telescope to help engage students in science and the natural world.

The telescope we own is a SkyWatcher 130/1000 EQ2 Reflector Telescope with MD (SKY-SW1301EQ2MD). We have 10mm and 20mm eyepieces.

I have recently been approved to purchase some additional pieces to create a better viewing experience. I’ve had conflicting advice, variously suggesting a Barlow lens and/or a shorter focal length eyepiece (eg 6.3mm).

Some of the things we were considering or were recommended include:
• 3x Barlow lens
• 2x Barlow lens
• 6.3mm eyepiece
• 4mm eyepiece (with a feature called “long eye relief”)

We were also thinking of getting a t-adaptor to allow students to do astrophotography (they would need to buy their own t-ring) although we were told by one source that our telescope “should have the camera adaptor built in”. I’m not sure how to confirm if that’s the case or not.

Any advice would be warmly appreciated!
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Sounds interesting....
My 2c
The maximum magnification (usable) with this scope is roughly equal to the aperture in mm ie x130. Sure on "good" days and everything going right you could go higher but in my experience - not very often.
This would suggest a 7.5mm eyepiece.
I wouldn't bother with barlows with your student users....
A good 25-28mm eyepiece would give pleasant wide field views...

Re T adaptors. The SW eyepiece holder (at least on the ones I have) has an external T thread....this can be used to fit the T2 camera adaptor to the focuser. If not, then a 1.25" to T thread adaptor would be necessary.

You need to check the available focusing spacing between the top of the focuser body and the actual focus of the telescope.
You'll need at least 55mm to be able to fit and focus a DSLR.
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You might consider a camera phone attachment as an alternative...you attach it to the eyepiece with a phone connected to it. Not too expensive and easy to use. Seems every kid who looks through my scope is interested in taking a picture with their phone.
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composerdude (Michael)
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Thanks Merlin66 and wavelandscott, you've both been very helpful!

We now have an idea of a good direction to go
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some sort of nebula/narrowband filter might also be worth thinking about.
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SkyWatcher 130/1000 EQ2 Reflector Telescope with MD

Hi Composerdude, would you recommend the telescope for someone who is looking to purchase one for their partners first telescope and to get them into the hobby?
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