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Buying a Canon 10-22 F 3.5-4.5 wide lens.

Hi Folks.

I am considering buying a Canon 10-22 F 3.5-4.5 wide view lens sometime soon.Does anyone here have some thoughts on this lens?

I really do not have much choice for a wide view lens as I am a crop body user.I want a lens for those nice wide field star shots,and landscape photos.

The other choices are a 12-22 Tonikia,I also read about a 8-16mm lens,not sure what brand it was.If anyone has a suggestion of wide field lens,please let me know.

I think I will just end up getting the Canon one,as I know it works well,gets a good grade on FM reviews.Although its expensive,I am happy to buy good gear that lasts and works very well.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions,Chris
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Hi Chris,

Whilst I'm a Nikon man, I have used my father-in-law's 12-24mm lens on a cropped sensor. The field of view is fabulous.

One thing to consider is will the lens you plan to buy work on a full frame sensor - thinking of the inevitable body upgrade, whilst keeping the glass. The 12-24mm Nikon lens only works on the cropped sensor. I have an 18-35mm that will work on a full frame sensor, so when I eventually upgrade to a full frame sensor, I'll get roughly the same field of view as he does with the 12-24 on the cropped sensor.

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re wide


I have certainly thought about that point-up grading crop/full.

I have decided to stick with crop,=a few reasons-I have some really good EF-S lenses,the 17-55 F2.8 I do not want to give up!But want a lens a bit wider than it goes.

So,yes-have considered the point you make,eventually I will get another XXd
or the 7D,or its replacement.The two bodies I have currently both doing a good job,and I prefer neither one over the other-both get equal use.Actually-those 'rebel' bodies are quite useful-I think sometimes I nearly like it better than the big fat body camera.I do a lot of outdoor episodes-so like I like the fact its light to carry.

Cheers Chris
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For a crop, the most recommended ultra-wides I've come across are Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 (yes, f/2.8), Canon 10-22, and Sigma 10-20 (there's actually 2 of these, a f/3.5 and a f/4-f/5.6). I suspect the 8-16 you mentioned is the Sigma. It's pretty new so not sure how it goes.

The Tokina 11-16 is very popular and I believe there could be availability issues. Comes very highly regarded. I could never understand why the f/2.8 is a real selling point with this focal range. You'd mostly be shooting landscapes with it, in which case f/16 or so? Of if indoors, the thing is so wide that camera shake has less impact than standard lenses at slower shutter speeds anyway.

I had the Canon 10-22 as you know. I was very happy with it and only reason I still don't have it is that I've gone to a FF sensor 5DII.

The Sigma 10-20s are very highly regarded also, and are much cheaper than the Canon.
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Hi Chris,

I have the Canon 10-22mm and it's fab. I bought it specifically for wide landscape shots and it really excels at that.
The good thing about going with the Canon (other than that it out-rates all the other, including Nikon 12-24, in tests) is that Canon DPP software takes care of any aberations.
It's also a lot lighter to carry around than the 17-55 you have!

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