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Setup Upgrade Recommendations

Hi guys,

I've currently got a Skywatcher 200p (f.5) on an NEQ6 PRO mount and an unmodified Canon 750D camera. I'm a little unsatisfied with the setup even though I'm no professional at astrophotography but I'd rather have great equipment with a steep learning curve and master that slowly. I want to buy some now and not have to upgrade again later, at least not for a while.*

My current plan is to invest in an autoguiding setup (ZWO 60280 Guidescope + ZWO ASI290MM Mini Autoguider) as well as the QHYCCD Polemaster and a PixInsight license. This is separate to the scope/camera budget I've listed below.*

In addition to this and most importantly I want to get a dedicated astrophotography scope - so an APO refractor instead of my current newtonian as well as a dedicated astrophotography camera as i don't want to modify my current one. My interest is in deepsky astro - galaxies, nebulae etc. I was initially thinking the SkyWatcher Esprit 80ED Super APO Refractor but have been told its not great value and too expensive for an 80 apo and that mounting a guidescope will be too difficult on it?? I also know that a mono camera is better than a color one but from what I've seen the rgb and narrowband filters are quite pricey and I'm not sure if I'd be able to squeeze that into my budget?? But I'd love to.*

So with all that being said what recommendations for a total setup of scope/camera (and filters if necessary) do you guys have? Budget would probably be $3000 AUD. Its not much compared to some i know, but I've already got the mount and I'm hoping this will be enough for a great setup.
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I’d say that you’re pretty much on the money. The Sky watcher Esprit series is very good and will work well with your DSLR. It comes with its flattener so you don’t need to add that into your price.

Mounting a guide scope on it shouldn’t be hard at all. The easiest would be to get a cheap V saddle plate. This can be bolted on top of the 80mm rings where it would act as both a handle for carrying and a mounting plate for the guide scope.
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The Esprit 80 is a great scope even for the price dont know who said otherwise . Comes with large case with flattener , diagonal and finder as well as an adapter for Canon cameras its a very solid little scope.
Starlight also do a motor for the focuser on the Esprit as well.
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