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Old 01-10-2019, 04:05 PM
Novichok test rabbit

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This was sold to a friend as EXCELLENT - the price started at $2000 (almost new price) but settled at $1700 posted to him. Once he got it, he described it as a turd, and listed it here for $500 . I took it.

I got it today, expecting to do some repainting etc. His description of it being a turd is a little harsh. I describe it as FAIR to GOOD at best. It's a $500 telescope - no ifs or buts. Lessons learned. ANYWAY, onto the scope.

I'll list it's issues so you KNOW:

1. some SMALL tube dents. Nothing significant.
2. paint chips. The rings have suffered the most in this regard.
3. The "Don't look at the Sun" sticker was so faded from UV exposure (ironic, eh), that i removed it entirely.
3. Significant paint chipping under one of the finder brackets. This has 2 fitted - one factory, one DIY.
4. dual speed focuser fitted (good!) and it is very smooth, yet the anti-rotation plate is a homemade affair. Easy to refine if desired
5. Liquid Nails remnants on the primary external housing from fitting something to stop the Bob's Knobs collimation knobs from being damaged. Ugly, but not affecting anything.

1. Primary has some streaks. A DIY installed centre spot is WAY off centre. Might be some small scratches as noted in the original resale ad. There is some mirror loss on one side due to someone rubbing the mirror (probably when the scratches happened) showing what I can best describe as "copper" - probably the aluminisation substrate. It is right on the periphery, so shouldn't affect anything. No pin holes I can see.

2. secondary has a mark near the centre. Secondary has a heater fitted and neatly wired out through the spider vanes.

I've roughly recollimated it and looked through it and it is really very good. It'll make a great starter imaging rig, or a pretty decent visual outfit - you'll need the field corrector since it is f/4 (the old Vixen Corrector 3 is around $140, or the new PH corrector is $700ish)

I will include in this REVISED price the Pegasus autofocuser unit (serial connection) - includes the motor and serial cable only. Also included is a 1.25" visual back. I'll throw in some of the Vixen spares I have AND send the Vixen decals I ordered when they arrive.

I have cleaned it up cosmetically and "patched" the tube scratches so it looks OK again, but I am not going to continue as it is not worth my investment in time and effort. I can repaint the tube rings if desired.

There is no end cap - but there is a zebra stripe shower cap - must have been where the $1000 in value lay

I am NOT getting into the politics of this one - I am just the "reseller" in this case.

It is sold STRICTLY AS-IS - what you see is what you get, fair warning and all. Like I said, it performs WELL, but I am loathe to list it as anything but good overall.

Because of adding the autofocuser, I will let this one go for $600 POST EXTRA. It is located in Canberra - I am sorry, but at this price it is either Pack n Send (about $100 to anywhere further than Sydney I suppose) or pick up in Canberra.
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Old 01-10-2019, 05:00 PM
Novichok test rabbit

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Optional Idea: for $150, I'll refinish it any colour or style you like.

Testarossa Red would be good
Old 02-10-2019, 06:37 AM
Novichok test rabbit

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IF no takers in a week, this will be broken down into it's constituent parts for sale. For example:
1. dual speed focuser unit: $120
2. focuser assembly (2 knobs fitted): $85
3. finder brackets: $15 each
4. rings (232mm): $70
5. dovetail plate: $10
6. Tube: $50
7. Mirrors; primary and secondary (NO spider unit): $100
8. Spider vane assembly (thinned): $60
9. Pegasus autofocuser : $175

That's $700 total, NOT including post on any of the items.

This is being kept as a whole for ONE week, and it will not be parted out until after that. No enquiries about doing so yet thanks.
Old 02-10-2019, 07:29 PM
Novichok test rabbit

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I cleaned the mirrors properly today. My results are:

a. Primary: 95% or better. Some small radial scratches from someone cleaning it improperly. The "copper" I saw was incorrect cleaning - fluid residue left on mirror from improper technique of not dabbing and removing cleaner, but rather smearing it. There is NO mirror aluminisation loss whatsoever.

b. Secondary: 90% or better. Again, improper cleaning. Oily smears and a whacking big palm print left on one corner. Cleaning revealed a clean mirror, but again small scratches. There is mold etch extant - whenever the mold was cleaned off, it was done incorrectly and the mold had etched the glass. Maybe 5 spots, about 0.5mm diameter. Generally insignificant. This scope had lived in the QLD tropics, and this has caused the mold.

When I removed the scope from the box, a small M3 screw fell out of the tube from behind the primary. This is what I believe may have caused some of the mirror scratches, as well as the bad cleaning regime.

Additionally, the tube interior black is stained, scratched, and has white crazing. I will need to either flock it or paint it with Black2.0

I have started to pretty up certain aspects, and have cut the dual speed focuser plate to correct dimensions. The focuser has now been regreased, as it had NONE - that leaked INTO the tube as mentioned above from storage in the hot tropics.

This will be Cats-Eye collimated on Friday with Kunama's help.

If this does not sell by Friday 12pm, I will be withdrawing it and using it for School Outreach - who cares if a kid fingers it, pours Coke on it?

The price will NOT be lowered, and it will NOT be given away, so vultures need not circle

This scope - warts and all - is growing on me daily.

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Old 02-10-2019, 08:27 PM
Novichok test rabbit

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Bugger it - keeping it. You had your chances



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