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FS60CB quandary

There has been a thread on the QSI forum recently in which a guy has been displaying some delightful images taken with an FS60CB and a QSI683. That got me started.

But I was quickly stopped when I tried to do the same thing. Blast Takahashi and their oddball threads and sizes.

Issue 1: The FS60 needs a flattener. OK. But a genuine Tak flattener is a serious bit of change. And I already have a couple of Hotech flatteners sitting in my cupboard unused. So needless to say, I'd rather try them first. But how to couple one to a Tak scope.

Issue 2: An off-axis guider. Again, I seem to have a collection of these sitting here. I'd like to put one to use. But once again, the question is how to interface with the scope.

And finally, Issue 3: Focuser. ???

The point of focus seems to be about 162mm behind the last meal of the scope's green body. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? But it quickly gets eaten up.

Has anyone come up with any solutions that don't involve quite as much expense?

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