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Sun & Moon

My first real look at some sunspots today so thought it was worth a sketch. Also catching up on some sketches in between clouds over the last few weeks.

In reverse order.

14/11/2010 Sunspots.
20mm EP 45X. Captured the whole disc of the Sun. Sunspots 1123, 1124, 1125 and a new one near the East limb were clearly visible. There were also a number of smaller spots visible along the line between 1123,1124 and 1125.

10mm EP 90X. 1125 the largest of the spots is kidney shaped surrounded by a lighter area. A series of small spots in a SW line towards 1123 near the middle of the Sun. The new spot (couldn't find it's number) just in from the SE limb.

Sunspot number 68 (Space Weather)

Compass points could but off so please set me straight.

04/11/2010 M77
15mm EP 60X
Very difficult to see this one from my backyard.

26/10/2010 Atlas
10mm 3X barlow 270X
This was a practice run before the attempt at Clavius which never eventuated.
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Nice work there, Michael. What filter are you using for the Sun work? I recently looked at the prices of the Prominence filters and fell over backwards. I then looked at one of those cute little PST scopes- also made my teeth ache.

I've been busy with organising my daughter's birthday party, so I'll be catching up on some unfinished sketches too. Mainly the crater Posidonius I had a go at on Friday night. It was a very windy night, and with the atmospheric turbulance, it really tested my patience. At least I didn't need to bother too much with preserving my night vision- thank goodness for small mercies, . One thing I noticed about while attempting the sketch was the intense highlights of the craters' rim are. Will make for some interesting technique development to replicate those. Might need to use a little white ink or paint to touch them up.

Nice work with M77. How far from the CBD of Adelaide do you live? I thought you guys only had generators to power the lights of the Adelaide Oval, . I'm guessing it's mainly the coreof the galaxy you were then able to see?
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The solar filter came with the scope, fits nicely over the dew shield. Made by Baader.

I'm about 12Km SW of the CBD, but its the shopping centre 500m north lit up in all its glory that kills my northern view.
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Very nice sketches Michael. I agree with Alex that M77 is very impressive so close to Adelaide. And a very nice job on the crater and active solar regions.
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Nice work!
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Thanks Paddy & JJJ.
It's certainly a challenge to find any DSOs in amongst the light pollution, but it's part of the fun.
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Really nice work and report there Michael, thank you .
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