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Filters and adapters for astrophotography

Hi All,

i have a canon 600d with T ring connect to my telescope without any problem and can take some lunar pics.

I am planning to put a filter so that I can do other objects. I did some google however I am still confused.

What kind of equipment apart from T ring I have to buy (if any) to put filters and I assume it just screw everything together that will do?

Also what filters you think is a must to have? Thanks
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If you want to take long exposure images of nebula then a nebula filter of some sort may help. A 48mm (2") one will simply screw into the T ring thread. Alternately some filter makers make clip in filters that fit in front of the Canon's mirror.
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A T thread is 42mm.....the 2" (M48) doesn't fit.
You can get T thread to 1.25" filter reduction adaptors (Telescope Service)
I use a Gerd Neuman filter drawer which has a T thread at either side and a removable slide which holds the filter.
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what are you thinking of imaging? you may not require any filters at all, depending upon what you are after ...
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If he has a 2 " T ring then he will be able to get filters to fit. As I understood they only come in either 1 1/2" or 2 "? Either way here's a picture of mine with a light pollution filter attached, which just screws right onto the adapter. It's a great way to help chase those faint nebulae and one of the first filters I bought after moving away from Luna photography myself.
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I agree, if you're using a 2" nosepiece.....
Not so easy if it's just the T2 adaptor on the camera to a T thread on the focuser....
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You just buy this http://www.bintel.com.au/Astrophotog...oductview.aspx $39 and your t-ring has t2 for it to screw into. That simple and that's chris setup.

Ken's way is better but yer not so easy :/ It's really the way you want it for best results as if your film plane isn't aligned with your optical path it will effect your images, but if your not at that stage of perfection the adapter works fine. Lol still using an adapter with my ccd atm till i get things sorted.
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