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HELP! EQMOD Crashes Unexpectedly :(

Good evening all,

Ever since I started using EQMOD, it has to crash at least once unexpectedly a session - if I'm lucky (30% of the time), it will not crash at all during a session.

Let me explain what I'm seeing when I say "crash unexpectedly". Basically I would have PHD2 guiding and SGPro imaging connected to the POTH hub, which then connects to HEQ5/6, running all happy and mary. The next second, EQMOD window disappears. POTH control panel shows no data, PHD2 naturally stops etc.. This happened on day 1 when I was using HEQ5 Pro, and now still doing it as I'm using AZ-EQ6.

I have asked this question before and the responses I received was along the lines of USB port is powered to standby, or use better cables (I'm using Shoestring USB2EQ6). I have also tried all those suggestions, and switching different EQASCOM versions v2.00 and v1.28, still to no available. I am running Win 10 on a laptop, tried both Win 7 compatibility mode and running as normal, still no good.

If anyone has had similar experience or came across any information that talks about how to fix this, or at least how to debug it, please let me know. I'm a computer engineer, so having traces/logs/debug events of EQMOD would be tremendously helpful to bring me insight of what's happening under the hood.

Thanks in advance!
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If someone else had a eqmod adaptor try borrowing it and see if it crashes using there adaptor. That's my best idea.
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I don’t use poth hub for anything, had issues with it from the start.
My process -
Open eqmod-connect to scope (Eq5/eq6 option)
Open phd-connect camera and scope (Eq5/eq6 option)
Open APT for imaging and it automatically connects to scope (Eq5pro/eq6 option)

I run Windows 10 and previously have used a shoestring adapter with Eq5pro with the same setup. I now use cable straight to mount (eq6)
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