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Skywatcher EQ8

I have just noticed bintel have these mounts on their site stating "due March 2013"


I am tempted!
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Wow. Well spotted Peter. Let's hope life is about to get more interesting and the chinese have really "upped the ante". The pier design makes a lot of sense for many of us that have to travel to get decent skies. Be very interesting to see a G11/EQ8 face-off next year some time
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Yeah looking forward to seeing one of these and reading some tests/reviews.
There are some more comments in this thread: http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...ad.php?t=93577
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Looks fantastic. Early reports were concerned about the weight
Specs are:

Tripod / Pier Weight: 31kg
EQ Head Weight: 28.5kg

Does limit the term "portable"

Clear skies

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Anyone know if the gears are belt driven or if they have done anything else in the design to improve backlash?
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One of the video reviews for the EQ7 prototype says the worm is direct drive from the stepper, no intermediate reduction. I'm guessing the EQ8's wormwheels will be the same.
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