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Startrek (Martin)
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NGC 5139 Omega Centauri

Captured last night in Sydney
1hr 30 mins integration ( 2 minute subs )
Canon 600D unmodded
ISO 800
6” f6 newt
HEQ5 mount
PHD2 guiding
Stacked in DSS
Processed In Startools

Thanks for looking
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gb44 (Glenn)
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Nice one! Plenty of blue, yellow and white stars on a nice even background.

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ChrisV (Chris)
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Very nice colors. And nice round stars all around the field
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Absolute ripper Martin.
And for folk admiring your work please note that Martin is using a six inch Newtonian telescope so if that does not tell you that a six inch is capable of great images I suggest you are missing the message...and they are so inexpensive and a great way to get started in astro photography..or just visual ..they really are a most under estimated instrument.
Again great image.
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Startrek (Martin)
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Thanks so much Glen , Chris and Alex , appreciate it
Yes the 6” newt is great little telescope and not usually one that is mentioned as a beginner scope for astrophotography, that is usually left to the 80mm refractor
Although it doesn’t have the punch of my 8” f5 newt , the 6” certainly has and still provides great images of clusters , nebula , planets and moon
This image of Omega is one of my best to date ( including images of Omega taken with the 8” ) mainly because I had a horrid time with guiding ( look at my PHD2 post today ) couldn’t Dither either, plus a manual meridian flip , a rising 90% waning moon and one of my power supplies packing it in. I had to discard so many crappy subs but I eventually sorted the guiding out and found a sweet spot with 2 minute subs at ISO 800.The DSLR was the coolest it’s been all year at 15 to 17 degrees which helped the noise issue immensely
It’s funny that one of your best images comes from a session full of drama and problems
I will always endorse the 6” newt for beginner and intermediate astrophotographers
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Anth10 (Anthony M)
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Wonderful image of the giant glob. Well done!
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Sunfish (Ray)
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Very crisp. Lots of colour in the stars.
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That's a brilliant use of color constancy; color is resolved well into the core, regardless of brightness. Great stuff!
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Ryderscope (Rodney)
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Nicely resolved stars and good colour. Nice work Martin.
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Startrek (Martin)
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Thanks All !!
Didn’t expect such an overwhelming response to the image , much appreciated
A big thumbs up to Startools, as a beginner I jumped straight into this processing software with minimal understanding but in a very short time grew in confidence. So intuitive and I always get a good result if I do all the right things outside with my imaging. Still so much more to learn but enjoying the journey immensely at nearly 60 years of age ( a late starter to the hobby in retirement)
Thanks again
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